K&K Pure Mini + Pre-Phase

While K&K's Pure pickups sound great on their own, they really do sound best with some sort of preamp. One of the easiest ways to add a preamp to your K&K signal chain is with their Pre-Phase preamp. It's really bare-bones—mostly just a battery added in-line—but it gets the job done. The Pre-Phase also adds a phase switch and a little thumbwheel soundhole volume control.

  • Thumbwheel volume control
  • Phase switch
  • ~150 hours of battery life

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Keep the tones warm and real.

This set-up is perfect for duos and trios I perform in. The K & K mini plus pre-phase represents a guitar's true character. I use it with a pedal EQ and a few small adjustments to accommodate any room have been sufficient to satisfy my needs in a medium volume setting. I installed it in a Fender PM-2 all mahogany parlor guitar and am a believer in the K & K concept.

Easy to install and sounds great

Piezo quack led me to this product and boy does it deliver. I installed this in a Recording King ROS-06 and all I get are loud and warm and clear woody sounds from these pickups. Installation was a breeze and the pre-phase module is easy to use. I picked this one so I don't have to worry about impedance mismatch and cable length and it doesn't disappoint. I compared the preamp sound with wiring the pickups passively and the preamp is completely transparent and quiet noise-wise, great simple circuit. Once I mastered the EQ-ing, the pickups sound amazing, cut the mids, dial in the notch to tame the bass, bring in a HPF around 60-100Hz and you'll be handsomely rewarded with great natural tones. And thank you John for an amazing service.

Great pickup

I've been using K&K pickups for many years. However, I wanted an active pickup with volume control. Adding the Phase reverse is a smart feature. Simple, clean, and powerful signal. If you like the K&K, this is the least intrusive impedance matching internal preamp.

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