I could go into a long spiel about the wonders of Taylor guitars, but chances are you came to this site looking for them already. And why not? They're one of the biggest guitar builders in the country, and their instruments are found in the hands of top recording artists, worship leaders, and enthusiasts alike. With the best large-scale building processes in the music business, and an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and playability, Taylor makes great instruments, plain and simple. Whether you're looking for an inexpensive starter guitar, a custom cocobolo showpiece, or just a solid stage workhorse, you're bound to find your guitar right here on this page.

Taylor 114e $749.00
Taylor 214ce DLX $1,299.00

Taylor 412-R $2,199.00

Taylor 614 $2,999.00
Taylor 614ce $3,299.00

Taylor 714ce WSB $3,199.00

Taylor 812C DLX $3,799.00
Taylor 814ce $3,499.00

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