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Shoreline Music Giveaways

Shoreline Music offers giveaways of some really cool gear—guitars, accessories, audio gear, even the coveted Shoreline Music T-Shirt. Entering is easy:  You can do something as simple as check out a page on our website, or if you want more entries, you can sign up for our newsletter, share us on Twitter or Facebook, or come back to this page for a daily bonus entry. Either way, be sure to check back in occasionally to see what new goodies we have ready to give away.


We're giving away a Taylor 214ce. Good luck!

Please note:  If you get logged out of the giveaway widget for any reason, or if you want to do your daily entry from a different computer, you can easily log back into the widget by re-entering your name and email in the "Sign up for our newsletter" section.


Audioengine HD3 — Robert C. of Wareham, MA.

Ultrasound AG-15 — Kristi M. of Madison, WI.

AER Compact 60 Slope — Kevin V. of Fredericksburg, VA.

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany — Ronald W. of Nashville, TN.

Taylor 812c 12-fret — Kevin B. of Georgetown, IN.

One Year of Guitar Strings — Chris V. of Tampa, FL and Juha K. of Plover, WI.

Larrivee JV-03 — Paul E. of South Bend, IN

Schertler Jam 100 — Billy C. of Pascagoula, MS

Taylor GS Mini — Scott K of Mimbres, NM

Fire-Eye Red-Eye Twin & Two K&K Pure Minis — Robert A. of Austell, GA

Music Hall USB-1 and Audioengine A5+ — Joanne A. of Narberth, PA

Tom Anderson Crowdster Player — Christopher G. of Wylie, TX

AER Compact 60/3 — Tom D. of Eugene, OR

Taylor 612ce 12-Fret First Edition — Stan S. of St. Paul, MN

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