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Shoreline Music Giveaways

Shoreline Music offers giveaways of some really cool gear—guitars, accessories, audio gear, even the coveted Shoreline Music T-Shirt. Entering is easy:  You can do something as simple as check out a page on our website, or if you want more entries, you can sign up for our newsletter, share us on Twitter or Facebook, or come back to this page for a daily bonus entry. Either way, be sure to check back in occasionally to see what new goodies we have ready to give away.


The current giveaway is an Audioengine HD3. Good luck!

Please note:  If you get logged out of the giveaway widget for any reason, or if you want to do your daily entry from a different computer, you can easily log back into the widget by re-entering your name and email in the "Sign up for our newsletter" section.


Ultrasound AG-15 — Announcing soon!

AER Compact 60 Slope — Kevin V. of Fredericksburg, VA.

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany — Ronald W. of Nashville, TN.

Taylor 812c 12-fret — Kevin B. of Georgetown, IN.

One Year of Guitar Strings — Chris V. of Tampa, FL and Juha K. of Plover, WI.

Larrivee JV-03 — Paul E. of South Bend, IN

Schertler Jam 100 — Billy C. of Pascagoula, MS

Taylor GS Mini — Scott K of Mimbres, NM

Fire-Eye Red-Eye Twin & Two K&K Pure Minis — Robert A. of Austell, GA

Music Hall USB-1 and Audioengine A5+ — Joanne A. of Narberth, PA

Tom Anderson Crowdster Player — Christopher G. of Wylie, TX

AER Compact 60/3 — Tom D. of Eugene, OR

Taylor 612ce 12-Fret First Edition — Stan S. of St. Paul, MN

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