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B-Band A1.2

B-Band Pickups come to us from Finland boasting a worldwide reputation for great tone and easy installation. They're used by pros worldwide, including Pierre Bensusan, Al DiMeola, Justin King, Larry Carlton, Tim Sparks and the California Guitar Trio. Over the years, B-Band is the built-in pickup of choice in several major European and North American guitars.

One of the most attractive features of B-Band pickups is the easy setup: There's no soldering or wire stripping of any kind. B-Band's under-saddle and soundboard transducers all use the same proprietary connector to plug easily into any B-Band preamp. This does mean that every B-Band pickup requires a B-Band preamp, but given how inexpensive these combos are, this ends up being a very attractive solution.

In the past, B-Band sold their pickups and preamps cafeteria style, but they currently offer everything in ready-made packages, combining pickups and preamps all in the same box. That said, if you're looking for an individual pickup or preamp to complete or upgrade your existing system, give us a call, as we keep a nice supply of individual parts around, too.

The A1.2 system combines B-Band's UST undersaddle pickup with an endpin-jack preamp. It also includes a handy volume control pot that secures right inside your soundhole.

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