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B-Band A1.2N / AST

One of the most attractive features of B-Band pickups is the easy setup: There's no soldering or wire stripping of any kind. B-Band's under-saddle and soundboard transducers all use the same proprietary connector to plug easily into any B-Band preamp. This does mean that every B-Band pickup requires a B-Band preamp, but given how inexpensive these combos are, this ends up being a very attractive solution.

The pickup listed here combines the standard B-Band endpin jack preamp with the soundboard transducer pictured on this page—and it's our best-selling B-Band pickup combo. It's quite easy to install (I cut my guitar-modification teeth installing a ton of these), and it's easy to make it sound good. As with all soundboard pickups, feedback can be an issue, but if you're on quiet stages, this pickup does the trick quite nicely.

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