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B-Band A3T

One of the most attractive features of B-Band pickups is the easy setup: There's no soldering or wire stripping of any kind. B-Band's under-saddle and soundboard transducers all use the same proprietary connector to plug easily into any B-Band preamp. This does mean that every B-Band pickup requires a B-Band preamp, but given how inexpensive these combos are, this ends up being a very attractive solution.

Not too long ago, some savvy pickup builder realized that if you can build a tuner into your sidemount preamp, that's one less piece of gear we need to carry around with us. Well, B-Band has jumped on this bandwagon, to good effect. The A3T takes the A3 preamp—this includes a 3-band EQ, volume control, and low battery indicator—and throws in the onboard tuner for good measure.

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