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D-TAR Multi-Source

The Wavelength is our best-selling D-TAR pickup, and for good reason. It features the same balanced, dynamic tone originally heard in the Timberline pickups, but with a much lower profile that makes it a lot easier to install. The Wavelength uses an 18-volt preamp (powered by two AA batteries), rather than the usual 9-volt preamps you find with pretty much every other active pickup. This does mean that you have two batteries instead of one clipped inside the guitar, but it also means that the Wavelength has a significantly greater dynamic range. 

The D-TAR Multi-Source system shown here uses the Wavelength , but adds an onboard microphone and blender. The blend is controlled by a small blend pot that you stick right inside your soundhole. Given how many of our customers end up adding mics to their Wavelengths, anyway, this is a welcome addition to the D-TAR lineup.

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