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D-TAR Wavelength

The Wavelength is our best-selling D-TAR pickup, and for good reason. It features the same balanced, dynamic tone originally heard in the Timberline pickups, but with a much lower profile that makes it a lot easier to install. The Wavelength uses an 18-volt preamp (powered by two AA batteries), rather than the usual 9-volt preamps you find with pretty much every other active pickup. This does mean that you have two batteries instead of one clipped inside the guitar, but it also means that the Wavelength has a significantly greater dynamic range. It includes a tone pot (inside the guitar, on the preamp) for improved EQ control, but if you really need onboard tone and volume control for this pickup, you're better off getting the VT module. For what it's worth, this is my favorite undersaddle pickup right now.

Customer Reviews

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Kelly Davis K.D. Kelly D.
Say Good-bye to Quack!

I have had several guitars equipped with the DTAR Wavelength, and I am a loyal fan of this UST. Thanks to Shoreline for offering one of the market's finest UST's. The 18v preamp provides headroom galore, with no quack. If you're looking for a good undersaddle pickup for your acoustic, look no further than the Wavelength. In it, you'll find a GREAT one!

Ed-in-Ohio E. Ed-in-Ohio
Outstanding Under Saddle Pickup...Goodbye Quack!

The Dtar Wave-Length is an outstanding under saddle transducer (UST) pickup.

I have the DTar Wave-Length installed in my mid-70s Gibson J-50. I play directly (no preamp needed!) into either my Carvin AG200 amp or into a PA. The Wave-Length seems to require very little EQ adjustment (I usually boost the bass just a touch), and it performs beautifully! Most impressively, there is no unpleasant UST "quack"! The tone is natural, bright, and warm. Also, the Wave-Length picks up right hand dynamics beautifully (better than any other pickup I've played).

This pickup does not provide a perfect replica of the acoustic tone of the guitar, but I really like the tone it does provides. I think it is a very desirable and interesting amplified acoustic tone. Truth be told, I actually prefer it to the tone I get with my K&K equipped guitars for most applications.

A great pickup. Highly recommended!

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