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K&K Onboard Trinity Mini

The Onboard Trinity System is a dual-source pickup/internal mic system with an onboard preamp. It consists of:

• The award-winning Pure Mini pickup.
• The Trinity Microphone, featuring an integrated 5" gooseneck (allowing it to be positioned in a number of ways, incuding outside the soundhole) and 20-20,000 Hz frequency range.
• The Onboard 2-Channel Preamp, specially designed with K&K's "Silent-Filter-Technology." Individual adjustable Gain-Vol-Bass-Middle-Treble controls are available for both pickup channel and mic channel.

The system comes completely assembled with TRS stereo endpin-jack wired in mono so a standard guitar cable can be used; no soldering necessary. A velcro mounted battery holder and a dual volume control unit for inside-soundhole-edge mount with individual thumbwheel-pots for mic and pickup is also included.

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