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Radial Engineering HotShot DM1

Have you ever needed to communicate onstage with your band, but in secret? Perhaps you wanted to change your song order, but you didn't want the announcement to go to the whole audience or congregation. Or maybe you needed to yell something to them, but they couldn't hear you past their in-ear monitors. Or maybe you needed to inform the folks running ProPresenter at the back of the church that you're doing "Days of Elijah" instead of "Mighty to Save". Or maybe you need to communicate with the sound guy privately. We all know the value of speaking to the sound desk without telling your entire audience "I'm getting a hum in the front left monitor".

If you've ever tried to solve these problems with hand signals, second microphones, or jury-rigged mute switches, you're going to love Radial's HotShot. It's a simple dynamic microphone channel switcher. Step on the switch, and you're talking to the sound desk only (or your band's in-ears, or wherever you choose to send the second signal). Step off the switch, and you're in the mains again. I know lots of stage professionals who have  been looking for a simple, inexpensive product like this for years. The fact that it comes with Radial's legendary engineering makes it all the better.

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