Snark SN-8

Please note—the Snark SN-8 has been upgraded to the ST-8. Same price, but improved model. We still have a few SN-8s in stock, but be sure to visit our ST-8 page going forward.

The market for clip-on tuners has grown rather crowded ever since Intellitouch made a big splash back in 2001 (we do, of course, still sell Intellitouch). With new brands upping the ante in both performance and affordability, it seems like there's always a new, better clip-on to beat last year's model. The good news for guitar players like you and me is that this means these things just keep getting better.

The undisputed king of the hill these days has to be Snark—it outsells all other guitar tuners by a fair margin. It's not hard to see why: Every Snark grabs notes quickly and accurately, the display is uniquely easy to use, and the price is very appealing. Moreover, the SN-8 listed here features a tap tempo metronome (unique among clip-ons), an internal mic (also unique), wide pitch calibration, and a transposition feature. If you're in the market for a clip-on, you'd have a hard time doing better than this. Plus, if you're looking for a pocket tuner, Snark's other tuners (they call them "console tuners") are also worth a serious look.

Customer Reviews

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Dae Ho Kim D.H.K. Dae Ho K.
best product, easy to use

Can't imagine tuning guitars w/o this anymore. Easy, accurate, and good price!

Wayne Johnson W.J. Wayne J.
snark SN-8 love it

I am a luthier and I need to keep my guitars in tune. I also need to run through several alternate tunings during setup and the Snark is an awesome tool for me. I love its ease of use and accuracy. I am thinking about adding them as a standard part of my custom guitar experience.

Mike Ball M.B. Mike B.
Best tuner ever

As far as I'm concerned, this is the gold standard for guitar tuners. It's durable (if you bear in mind that it's plastic and exercise a bit of caution), inexpensive, and dead-accurate. I have a pedal tuner as well, but it's easier for me to talk to the audience while I tune between songs without looking down at my feet. I play at least one outdoor show a week in the summer, and the SN-8's display is bright enough for me to see it, even when I can't begin to read the pedal. I have one of these in every guitar case and a spare in my Cables & Crap bag.

J. Albert J.A. J. A.

While I prefer to use a pedal strobe tuner when plugging in, there's no denying that Snarks are convenient when playing acoustically. This purchase replaces a previous Snark that had broken: there's a stem that links the clamp with the circular display head. The stem attaches to each part through a plastic ball-and-socket joint. This allows the head to pivot. The design is probably fine for most casual use but my teenager accidentally busted it beyond super-glue repair. Regardless, it's worth purchasing again.

Excellent tuner

This is my second clip on Snark. I also have a Snark pedal tuner. The clip on is fast, accurate and easy to read. Makes tuning a breeze. I also want to put a plug in for Snark's customer service. The first pedal tuner I bought developed a problem. I e-mailed Snark and they responded within a few hours, gave me an RMA number and shipped me a brand new tuner. First class customer service and excellent product.

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