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Taylor 150e 12-String (2016)

Please note—as of 2017 this model has been discontinued in favor of the current model, which features laminate walnut back and sides. You can check the new version out here.

Taylor's 150e 12-string guitar has been a great addition to our standard store inventory. When these first came out, I ordered one because, hey, new Taylor. What I didn't expect was the full tone to complement the standard jangle of a 12-string. This guitar really is a game-changer—it is exceedingly rare to find a guitar this inexpensive, this easy to play, and sounding this good. I have yet to hear a sub-$1000 12-string that is better. In fact, I'd wager to say that this sounds better than even some 12-strings over $1000.

If you've always been scared away from 12-strings by cost or lack of playability, you really should check the 150e out. It also has the added bonus of a couple of minor upgrades over the usual 110e, with slightly better fittings and the regular ES instead of the ES-T.

  • Dreadnought body shape; 12-string
  • Sitka Spruce top, laminate Sapele back and sides
  • Taylor ES-1 onboard electronics
  • Includes Taylor padded gig bag

Customer Reviews

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Nelson N. Nelson
ONly thing Cheap is the Price

Just ordered one of these from John and I must say I was unbelievably surprised. I already own a 414ce limited and a 514ce and I just needed a 12 string to add to the mix when I lead worship. For a budget priced guitar, this thing is awesome. Set up perfect right out of the box, Excellent intonation all the way up the neck, full 12 string sound. The Expression System gives it a seamless connection to the audio mix with a full, clean and uncolored tone. Came in the mail on Saturday and the next morning I was playing it while leading worship. It just added so much fullness and sound. If you need a 12 string and either don't want to or can't afford the price of a solid wood model, this one is the go to guitar. If you need a top quality yet extremely affordable 12 string, this is it.

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