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Taylor 320e

The Taylor 320e was my introduction to the current lineup of 300-series guitars, featuring Mahogany tops and Sapele backs and sides. I knew that Taylor was rolling out these changes a couple years back, but had no idea how good they were going to sound until we pulled this guitar out of its shipping box.

And what a pleasant surprise:  Great meatiness in the mids (thank you, Mahogany top), with the clarity and balance of the Sapele, combined with the guts and punch of a dreadnought body. For a shop that doesn't sell many dreadnoughts, we sure fell in love with this one. I think you will, too.

  • Dreadnought body shape
  • Mahogany top over Sapele back and sides (this is a 2015 model; the 2016 models have Tasmanian Blackwood back and sides)
  • Full-body satin finish
  • Taylor ES2 onboard electronics
  • Includes Taylor hardshell case

Customer Reviews

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Kelly Davis K.D. Kelly D.
Mad About Mahogany!

I just recently received my new Taylor 320e that I purchased from Shoreline. It's the 2015 model with Sapele back & sides and Mahogany top. This guitar is absolutely amazing. I have always played spruce top guitars, but started to take more of a liking to mahogany in this past year. When the deal of a lifetime came up for this 320e (still can't believe what my final price was) I jumped at it. I have been anything but disappointed! The mellow sweetness of the guitar is awesome, and I love the the growl I get when I dig in. Definitely not as bright and sparkly as my 810, but just as pleasing in all it's midrangey goodness. As with most Taylor's, it plays like butter, and the ES2 pickup is everything its cracked up to be! Not only is the guitar wonderful, but I was, again, thoroughly impressed with Shoreline's top notch customer service. It was simply a great buying experience. Many thanks to John and Shoreline!

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