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Taylor 324e

The Taylor 324e, like its cousin the 324ce (one of our very best selling Taylors) was part of the Great Mahogany-Topped Explosion of 2013. Prior to that, Taylor had mostly only offered Mahogany tops on BTO or limited edition guitars. But, these guys are smart, and they realized just what a great match Mahogany is for Sapele back and sides in their 300-series guitars. We (and our customers) have been singing its praises ever since.

The regular Spruce-topped Taylor 314 has lots of music in it, but this 324 darkens and fattens the tone just a bit, for a very satisfying instrument. Taylor is also staining the sapele in the 32X guitars a bit darker, giving it a more chocolate tone to match the mahogany top, resulting in a rather striking guitar. This guitar is definitely worth a look.

  • Grand Auditorium body shape
  • Mahogany top over Sapele back and sides
  • Satin finish
  • Taylor ES2 onboard electronics
  • Includes Taylor hardshell case
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