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Taylor 616ce

The Taylor 616ce continues to do something rare among Taylor guitars:  It surprises me. To be perfectly candid, I'm not a huge fan of maple guitars. There are the usual exceptions, like those 60s-vintage J200s. But I've had the privilege of playing, side by side, different variations of some of the best guitars in the world. And in those settings, the maple guitars always seem to come out on the bottom. Maple tends to be a brighter tonewood, often adding great projection, but in the guitars I've played, there just hasn't been enough of any of these.

That's why Taylor's maple guitars are so amazing—there's something about the Taylor build that is the perfect match for maple. The guitars are rich, bright without being thin, and they even have quite a bit of character. In front of the soundhole, they sound incredible. We have videos of several sizes of maple Taylor:  GS, GO, GC. In each of these cases (especially in the larger guitars), the maple version is one of the very best for that body size. I would say, having now recorded dozens of Taylors, the maple model should be your go-to guitar in a recording studio. It really does sound that good.

  • Grand Symphony body shape
  • Sitka Spruce top, Maple back and sides
  • Taylor ES2 onboard electronics
  • Includes Taylor hardshell case
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