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Taylor Custom GC (Adirondack/Cocobolo)

If you've followed Shoreline Music for a while, you undoubtedly ran across the first spruce and cocobolo Taylor GC we had in the shop. That guitar was the unanimous Best Taylor Ever among anyone who had a chance to pick it up.

But, good guitars get purchased eventually, so when it came time to try to re-create the signature sound, I went right back to what I knew would be golden:  spruce and cocobolo. I had good timing on a trip to the Taylor factory, and the result was that I got to choose the very best cocobolo that Taylor had set aside for quite some time. And there were two sets, clearly from the same spot in the same tree, that were head and shoulders above the rest. Unable to decide between the two, I bought them both, with the intent of making twin guitars. I snagged the best piece of European Spruce they had available at the time, and also the best piece of premium Adirondack—I happened to be there just as a very few sets of this fine wood came available. The adirondack ended up on the guitar you see here.

I suppose if I keep saying "Best Taylor Ever" about a succession of guitars that comes through the shop, it may end up losing some of its meaning. But I can say with assurance that the twin cocobolo GCs that came out of that factory visit are even better than the last. 

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