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Taylor Custom GC (Adirondack/Cocobolo) / 2015

Well, here it is:  The latest Spruce and Cocobolo Grand Concert from Taylor, a guitar that has become something of a Shoreline Music signature instrument. I originally ordered this build several years ago because I'm a huge fan of Cocobolo—it is my favorite tonewood, mostly because of its tone, but also its spectacular looks. I knew Spruce + Cocobolo would be the perfect match for the Taylor GC body size, and I was not disappointed. That original guitar knocked our socks off, and the subsequent builds have been even better. 

You can see that I've gone again here with my preferred aesthetic:  simple, woody appointments that let the gorgeous nature of the body woods do the visual heavy lifting.

I'm sad to say, however, that this is almost certainly the last of these guitars we'll be able to sell. Because drug cartels have infiltrated the trade in Mexican Cocobolo, Bob Taylor is not buying any more of it. I applaud his decision, but it does mean that there is effectively no more Cocobolo to be had from Taylor. If you've been on the fence about this guitar in the past, this is your last chance to jump on it.

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