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Taylor Custom GS (Amazon Rosewood)

This BTO Taylor features handpicked Amazon Rosewood (yes, I'm a sucker for beautiful wood, especially when it has some sapwood in both the back and the sides). It's a strong contender for the most beautiful guitar in our shop, but I knew it would be long before it ever arrived, ever since I put my hands on that unfinished rosewood.

The premium Sitka + Adirondack bracing + Amazon rosewood combo turns out to be a really good match for this build. What the Amazon rosewood does, though, is mellow things out just a bit, darkening and fattening the tone, especially in the lower register. The guitar is less strident than a standard 816, still offering plenty of interplay of overtones, but with better fullness and meatiness in each of the notes.

  • Grand Symphony body shape
  • Premium Sitka Spruce top over Amazon Rosewood back and sides
  • Flamed Koa binding and trim
  • Gotoh 510s
  • No onboard electronics
  • Includes Taylor hardshell case
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