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Taylor K28e

The all-koa K28e is, as you can see, stunning to behold. It tends to draw the most attention here in the shop, even from people who come in looking for headphones or speakers. The flash of the koa is complemented by mostly subdued features—rosewood bindings, a simple rosette, no abalone anywhere. The one bit of flourish is Taylor's cool Island Vine wood inlay on the fretboard.

I tend to shy away from koa-topped guitars; as a topwood, koa tends to require some serious pressure to get any sound out of it. But in this Taylor, the combination of the more-responsive GO bracing and the larger body compensate for all this really nicely. The result is a tone that's thick in the middle, dark and warm, with great, rich character. In fact, when customers play this guitar alongside the  mahogany and  rosewood Grand Orchestras in our shop, they almost unanimously choose the koa model as their favorite. There's something rather appealing about the combination of the dark koa tone and the fullness of the GO body style. 

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