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Ultrasound AG-15

The Ultrasound AG30 was the surprise success story in our amp world the last 10 years or so. The AG50 still ranks as our bestselling amp ever, but I could not have predicted the desire for the even smaller AG30 (I figured everyone wanted more and bigger when it came to amps). So when it came time to expand their line, Ultrasound went even smaller with this AG15. It works great as a bench amp, practice amp, or living room amp, and it's a huge hit among our customers. If you don't need to fill a concert hall but still want great clean tone in a small package, it's worth checking this out.

  • 15 watts RMS
  • 1 x 8" speaker
  • One channel with EQ and volume
  • Headphone out (but no DI or effects loop)
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