Our introduction to CEntrance came when I was on the hunt for a good ADC—an analog-to-digital converter for using a microphone with GarageBand. The most-loved product I ran across was the CEntrance Micport Pro, a product we still carry. But when I discovered their broader line of DACs, I was won over, in particular by the DACmini CX, which is still the best DAC I've ever heard.

CEntrance has even jumped into the portable DAC / headphone preamp market that used to be dominated by the Fostex HP-P1, and boy, are we glad they did: The HiFi M8 and Mini M8 (and soon-to-be-released Skÿn) take portable audio to places no other manufacturer can touch. If you're in the market for a world-class DAC, look no further than CEntrance.

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