Anyone remember the Mama Bear? It was a groundbreaking modeling preamp from the folks at DTAR (while we're on the subject, anyone remember DTAR?). It worked on a simple principle:  Record a mic and a pickup at the same time, track the digital difference between the two, and then reverse it when you have only a pickup plugged in. Ideally, the result would be the sound you'd get with just a mic. Pretty amazing, really.

Lots of other folks (Fishman, for example) jumped on this bandwagon, but no one really dialed it in, no matter how many guitar "image" files they created to match your guitar. That is, no one until Audio Sprockets came along. The best part? The one product that Audio Sprockets makes—the ToneDexter preamp below—does all of this computer processing live, in a matter of seconds, with whatever mic and pickup you have on hand. It's easy, it's effective, and it's a game changer. 

ToneDexter $399.00

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