LR Baggs makes some of the best guitar pickups and preamps available. They are widely used by pros too numerous to count. As one of the biggest LR Baggs dealers for more than a decade, I guess that puts us in good company (well, it's not like Phil Keaggy and Doyle Dykes hang out in our shop or anything like that). LR Baggs' onboard systems combine smart design with awesome tone, their outboard preamps are the industry standard, and even Lloyd Baggs' original pickup design, the LB6, still outshines more modern pickup designs. From top to bottom, you'd be hard-pressed to find a line of stage gear that's as diverse and well-regarded as this one.

LR Baggs Synapse Sold Out

LR Baggs Anthem Sold Out

LR Baggs M80 Sold Out
LR Baggs Radius-M Sold Out

LR Baggs Five.O Sold Out
LR Baggs Lyric Sold Out

LR Baggs M1 Sold Out

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