Radial Engineering DIs are the favorite of sound engineers, stage musicans, and recording professionals. The guys at Radial are electronics wizards, which you'll discover the first time you plug into a Radial Engineering DI, whether you're using it in the studio or onstage.

It's also clear that the folks at Radial consulted actual sound engineers and performing musicians when designing their gear (or perhaps they're musicians themselves). This isn't just a bunch of electronics slapped in a box—every design feature is built with the stage musician in mind. Perhaps more important than any of these considerations is the design:  These things can actually handle the rigors of stage use, like being stepped on and dropped. If you've ever had your DI die because it was kicked accidentally, you know the value of Radial's durable build.

Moreover, Radial Engineering's philosophy of sound reproduction is the same as ours: Let the musician and the instrument create the tone, and let the rest of the gear get out of the way. The first time you plug into a Radial DI, it'll be like you pulled the cotton out of your ears. They're that good. You simply will not find a better performing, more durable stage DI anywhere. It's the only DI I'll use these days.

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