Kronbauer Guitars are exceptional instruments. They're built in a small shop in British Columbia by Trevor Kronbauer, a former colleague of respected luthier Ted Thompson. The guitars have a subdued, woody aesthetic, with fine craftsmanship at an attractive price.

What really surprised us upon our initial Kronbauer play-through was the tone. I suppose that the Canadian legacy of these instruments should have made it obvious that they would sound great, but Trevor's Mini Jumbo is a hair shallower than most. When we pulled our first Kronbauer out of its case, we expected a quieter, more focused tone. But then we put a pick to it, and the room simply filled with sound. The tone is definitely in the Larrivee tradition of fantastic balance, but with an extra bit of punch and fullness. Solid mids and ringing highs are balanced with tight (rather than expansive) lows, all combining for a truly satisfying and full tone. If we have a Kronbauer hanging on the wall in our shop, it's a guarantee that at least one customer will think it's the best instrument in the room.

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