D'Addario Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings 10-Pack

D'Addario Strings manufactures strings for just about every instrument imaginable, and they've been doing it for over eight generations. Their strings are used on more stages by more professional players than any other, and their packaging is slick—D'Addario uses environmentally friendly string pouches, and intuitive colored ball ends for figuring out which string goes where when you're restringing your guitar. I've been playing guitar for 30 years, and after trying many, many strings on several different guitars, I often find myself coming back to D'Addario strings for their ability to hold tone, pitch, and playability.

Introduced by D'Addario Strings in 1974, phosphor bronze has become synonymous with great, long lasting string tone, and has become the stage and studio choice of top professionals worldwide. This string sets the standard by which all other strings are judged.

Customer Reviews

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D'Addario EJ16: Coming Home

I always return to these strings. I know, kind of boring some might think...I tend to change strings monthly on average, and I will flirt with other phosphor bronze string manufacturers. The usual suspects, John Pears (very solid PB string), Martin (dig their SP PB light strings), Elixir (the Polywebs for some reason sound really nice and warm on my old Guild dread). Dunlop by the way makes a killer PB light gauge string, you should try them out. Then I hit a wall with all the other choices there are and just get confused. So I return home to D'Addario's crowning achievement, when they first introduced the phosphor bronze alloy in 1974. And I am blown away upon first strum by just how great, smooth, playabilty, tone, feel...I wonder why I even other looking elsewhere. EJ16s are like ranch dressing. They go on nearly any guitar and make it sound great or better than it did before. I am nearly at the point of just buying the 3 pack sets from Shoreline, and maybe in a year, I will buy the 10 packs. Finding your string is like finding the beer you like and can order freely and never be let down. If your next/upcoming string purchase from Shoreline has you unsure or confused, just turn the car around and go home for a while. D'Addario EJ16, aka, PB 12s.


I’ve been using D’Addario strings on all my electrics for 20+ years and haven’t used anything else. I traded in my Les Pauls for acoustics now and wouldn’t think of using anything else. I put the nickel bronze acoustic string on my j200 and they make it sound so alive.

D'Addario Stings, ordered 2 sets, you were out of single sets, sent me a 3 pack!

What more can I say. I'm someone who just mucks around on the guitar, can't play much. Just in love with the sound. If I had been smart, I would have just ordered the 3 pack. Thanks so very much..

Always a good choice

These strings don't work on all my guitars--for some reason they don't sound as good on my Martin D-18--but I love the warmth they bring to my Lowden Sitka / Cocobolo F35. I also loved them on my Taylor 714ce. I find them to offer a rounded, warm sound without too much shimmer or too much complexity. I just wish they lasted 12 months in between string changes!


I love the custom strings! I put it on a epiphone dr-100 (a cheap guitar). It gave the guitar so much life. It sounds very different compared to before the strings. It was very dull before, and after, it was very bright (but also had good bass too). It basically took a guitar lacking brightness and made it more well rounded.

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