Elixir Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings 3-Pack

Elixir Strings are brought to you by W.L. Gore and Associates, an innovator in PTFE polymer since 1958 (think Teflon). If you're a skier and a hiker like me, you've probably used Gore-Tex clothing for years. Now, they turn this expertise to making polymer coatings for their Elixir guitar strings, and the results are striking. You don't have to spend long in any guitar-related discussion before someone eventually begins praising the long-lasting tone of these popular strings. It's this long-lasting tone that has led many major guitar manufacturers to ship their guitars already strung with Elixir strings.

Elixir offers these in bonus packs of 3 sets each, but they only do so for 3 months a year. So, be sure to stock up!

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Joseph Hyland
Great Product

great product, great price, great people, great company - thanks guys!!

Best string life, great tone

Been using these for years now. By far my favorite string. Prefer the tone to other coated strings, and they really last!

Greg DeMuth
Elixir PB mediums

Great tuned down a step on my Lowden. Long tone, nice feel.

Long lasting, Nice tone, Awesome Dealer

I have been using Elixir strings for years because they LAST a longer time before I have to change to new strings. Elixir can hold up to humid conditions. I like the tone and feel of the PB Lights. Competitive pricing at Shoreline Music with OUTSTANDING service!!!

Very nice strings!

I have to admit, it has taken me a little time to warm up to these strings. At first I found them a bit slippery. But after playing them for a while I appreciate the quiet non-squeak properties and eventually didn’t find them slippery at all, just different. They feel sensational for fingerstyle playing. Overall, they last a very, very long time with nice rich and even tone. The only downside is the coating fraying that is noticeable directly over the soundhole as the strings age. The fraying doesn’t seem to affect the tone, but looks funny. As always, Shoreline is a pleasure to do business with.

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