K&K Pure XLR

The Pure XLR is a great stage solution if you're looking to plug in your Pure Mini (or other K&K) to the house PA. With a DI, plenty of EQ control, and a preamp impedance-matched to K&K's pickups, Pure XLR is a hands-down favorite among our customers using K&K pickups.

  • Operates with 9-volt battery or phantom power
  • Phase switch
  • Line out / tuner send
  • Adjustable input gain and output volume

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kelly Davis
Excellent Preamp

I just love the K&K Pure XLR Preamp! It works fantastic with the K&K Pure Mini, as well as other passive soundboard transducers. Small footprint, and simple controls that dial in a wonderful, natural tone. I highly recommend it!

Wm Michael Regnier
K&K Pure XLR Preamp

**Very nice sound quality-transparency & super easy to use. I put it up against a few other preamps too and this one sounded the most natural of them all. If it had an 'fx' loop I would have given it 5 stars**

Used on Larrivee D03 with K&K pickup

This is a great product and if you have a mixer with phantom power there is no need for batteries. The XLR Pre definitely makes the sound richer and more ear pleasing. I have 3 other guitars all with different pickups. An this is my favorite setup.

Double Lazy S Guitars
Used for banjo twin

Works great with K&K banjo twin on open back 5-string. I've used this box w/ mando twin on multiple installs and it always performs great. For the banjo twin the XLR out was VERY hot, switched to 1/4" out and it calmed the microphonics & allowed for a little more gain. I would like to have power cable for permanent pedal board installs.

Robert Casebolt
Perfect match for K and K passive pick ups

This preamp is the ONLY preamp that is an exact match for their passive pickup. I tried to use 'another name brand' preamp and impedance was not a match. It caused the sound to be harsh, but with this gem it is perfect. Don't hesitate, if you have a K and K passive pick up in your guitar - BUT IT.

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