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AKG K240 Studio

I remember sitting down in the summer of 1989 to do my first real guitar and vocal recording. I had just graduated from college, and my graduation gift money went to purchase a Tascam Porta-1, a rather expensive AKG vocal mic, and an Alesis Quadraverb. But when it came time to lay down tracks, it became clear that the cheap headphones I was using just weren't up to snuff.

That's when an old bandmate came to the rescue, and loaned me his AKG studio headphones. I was blown away: These were the first headphones I had ever heard that actually reproduced sound naturally. Guitars sounded like guitars, and my recording was all the better for using AKGs in the mixing process (the caliber of the playing on that recording, was, of course, another matter altogether).

I'm going to venture to say that this current incarnation of the AKG studio headphone is even better than 20 years ago. The fit is better, the tone is more articulate, and the construction is more durable. I use this headphone when editing all the guitar review videos for our store. It's a keeper.

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