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Asterope Pro Studio Series

I hate being that guy, the one who can actually hear differences between cables when other people can't. I wasn't always this way. I used to think all cables were pretty much the same. But then I tried my first Kordex cable (a company that closed up shop some time ago), and my ears were opened. I began a search for better and better cables, and my quest took me to the best cable at any price, Zaolla. But with a cast silver core, those cables are pretty expensive, and I've since been looking for a great cable to occupy the middle ground, something with a 10-footer well under $100.

Well, as often happens, someone sent me an Asterope just to try, and it sat in my bass gig bag for probably 6 months. But when I finally got around to plugging it in, I was surprised how much I liked the cable:  Clean, wide-open tone, rock-solid construction, and great connectors. I called Fishman the next day to order more.

You're going to love these cables.

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