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Closeout AER Compact 60/3

This amp is new, never opened, never used, but for some reason the shipping box looks like it has seen better days, so I can't really sell it as new. Regular price $1199.

The AER Compact 60 is indeed compact. At approximately 1 cubic foot and less than 15 lbs, this amp defines portable tone. It's a two channel amp with 60 watts of headroom, but it's a solid 60 watts: Enough to cover a small room easily—and possibly even larger—without giving up at higher volumes. In fact, while most folks here in the shop are won over immediately by the tone of the amp, it's the Compact 60's ability to crank it up that makes their jaws drop. This is my main amp, and after many hours onstage with it, I've come to the conclusion that it may very well be the perfect acoustic amp. It features onboard digital effects (footswitchable), plus the standard tuner send, headphone jack, and line and DI outs. The Compact 60 ships with a padded AER amp cover/gigbag, and that gigbag is almost as cool as the amp—when walking into a gig or a Sunday worship set, I have my guitar in one hand, and the amp slung over my shoulder. The farther away I've had to park, the happier I am that the amp is only about 15 lbs and that I don't have to make a second trip back to the car to get more gear.

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