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    Picture, if you will, an electronic device that can tell the difference between how your guitar sounds through a microphone, and how it sounds through the pickup you've been using all along. It records this difference in a WaveMap. This device can then reverse the difference when you're only using the pickup, and produce a sound that is remarkably like the mic sound you just taught it. The process only takes a couple of minutes, and it can be repeated indefinitely, so you can dial in your tone, maybe add different WaveMaps for different instruments.

    If you've followed this technology for the last 15 years or so, you've seen lots of folks try to get this right: DTAR Mama Bear. Fishman Aura. And yet there's a reason every band here in Durango is clamoring to outfit every single one of their acoustic players with one of these: The ToneDexter really is all it's cracked up to be. Check it out.

  • works on any acoustic instrument, with most active or passive piezo pickup systems
    stores 22 custom WaveMaps, selectable via 11 position rotary switch and bank select switch
    a mute switch that activates a built-in high precision tuner, accurate to within 1 cent
    a boost switch for solos with 0-8dB of settable gain via rear panel pot
    • bass and treble EQ
    • a sweepable notch filter for feedback suppression
    • a character control which adds additional punch to the WaveMap
    • latency less than 1ms
    • an effects loop (TIP send, RING return)
    • 1/4″ pickup input, high impedance (1MΩ)
    • 1/4″ line output with output level pot on front panel
    • XLR DI output, with rear panel option switch for fixed level or level that follows output level pot
    • analog boost and mute circuits positioned after effects loop, so no headroom loss when boosting
    • XLR mic input with 48V phantom supply, used for training
    • headphone output
    • phase (polarity) switch on rear panel
    • +-15V internal supplies for professional headroom and dead quiet operation
    • SD card slot for field upgrade of software
    • 6.3″ W x 5.9″ D x 2.3″ H
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
The ToneDexter REALLY IS All It's Cracked Up To Be!

The ToneDexter REALLY IS all that it's cracked up to be - and so is SHORELINE MUSIC!
In fact, there are two reviews in order here... One for the ToneDexter, and One for Shoreline Music.
1) ToneDexter
There's really not much I can add to (nor take away from) what has been covered in the other 5-Star reviews here. They've NOT overstated the usefulness of this little magic box. I'm using it for violin/fiddle and acoustic guitar. I couldn't be more pleased. Works like a Charm! If you haven't already, take a close look at the features this baby offers.
2) Shoreline Music
I'm a brand new customer of Shoreline Music, so this was my first buying experience online via the Shoreline Music web site. Late one evening, I saw the ToneDexter being offered on sale as an Open Box, and immediately knew I had to buy it. I created an account and purchased it PRONTO, hoping nobody would nab it before I could get my account registered. As it turned out, the Open Box ToneDexter had already been sold and was no longer available, even though this not reflected by the online listing. I received an email right away the next morning from John (Shoreline's owner) letting me know what had happened - AND - he offered me a significant discount on a brand new ToneDexter by way of a very kind apology for the mistake (s*#t does happen, ya know). So, while I was very momentarily disappointed that I'd missed the Open Box price, that feeling was almost immediately replaced by the realization that my new relationship as a customer with Shoreline Music is one based on professional integrity! Thank you so much, John, for kindly rising to the occasion without me asking. It is such a refreshing experience and so starkly contrasted by much of what most of us encounter daily as "business as usual". I hope all of your customers are as pleased as I am! It's easy to guess that steadfast long-term customer loyalty must follow you naturally.

ToneDexter works well

The device works well in improving the sound of a small body guitar with pickup. If you compare its price to a high quality preamp, it seems almost reasonable. it functions well as a tuner and mute switch, boost, etc. It definitely adds harmonic complexity and makes the pickup sound much more acoustic. Shoreline was very fast and professional.

A Do It Yourself Aura System for Your Guitar and Your Pickup

ToneDexter is easier to use than you might anticipate. I've made three "WaveMaps" for three guitars and only repeated one of them twice. I bought a relatively inexpensive small diaphragm condenser mic (AKG P170) as the manual prefers that option but probably could have gotten away with borrowing a friend's mic as the process is fast and not very finicky. It takes a bullet proof (relatively feedback resistant and relatively sound man immune) under saddle transducer, in my case a Baggs Element, and brings it up to a best-in-class tone competitive with Aura or a high end dual source. For my K&K equipped guitar it perfects the pickup tone. However, if you've got friends who are perfectly happy with their guitar's pickups, it won't be amazing to them, even though to me it is a break through product.

As a acoustic DI or preamp, it has all the standard features (tone controls, notch, tuner/mute, boost) and the price of entry to one built this well is not far off the ToneDexter price. It seems like a very good value to me if you can afford one.

ToneDexter is Worth It

I have a nice collection of guitars, but I have always been unhappy with the way the piezo pickups sound- with their quack. I've got several different types of pickups- Baggs Anthem, Baggs Element, MiniFlex Mics, K&K. They all have some kind of odd sound that's not as good as they sound live.

The TD takes care of that quack. It's an easy pedal to use. I was already using it to train within 5-10 minutes of opening it. They did such a good job of making it user friendly. There are 22 slots you can use to store various settings. 21 are used for live performance settings. 1 is used for studio type work, where it does not have the feedback minimization. I have not used that yet. But I need this for live use, not for studio use.

I recommend trying a variety of mics in different positions. And the most expensive mics don't necessarily return the best sound. Some guitars liked the mic down by the nut. Some liked it recorded from the front. It's just random, in my experience.

Things you'll need: a decent set of headphones, a condenser mic, cables, guitar and the TD.

This pedal takes away that awful quack. Is it 100% as good as the natural sound? No. That's not realistic. But I would say it gets it to 85-90% of where I wish it would be. I have yet to see or hear anything that works better. The closest I have seen is the dpa clip on mic. I love that and I would say that this is just as good.

I would recommend the TD for anyone who wants to get a more natural sound, without the trouble of mic'ing a guitar. You cannot buy from a better place than Shoreline, either.

Tonedexter magic

I used a km 84 straight in and it sounds amazing. I never plug my acoustic guitar in. Pick ups, even the best ones on the market have allways sounded terrible. Shrill highs, muddy woofie lows and almost no midrange. This box will store the sound of a condenser microphone and allow you to play through it hi z to a live mixer. It works really well on microphones that focus well in the mid range like the Neumann km 84. Perhaps an upgraded version will have a switch off for phantom power so you can store ribbon mics as well. I love this thing. It sounds amazing. I never use anything but microphones, in 30 years. I’m amazed.

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