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D'Addario Nickel Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

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D'Addario's premium uncoated acoustic string set provides a crisp and clear sound to accentuate the unique tone of your guitar. This string delivers the ideal balance of volume, projection, and comfortable playability.

  • Delivers a full tonal spectrum, revealing the unique tonal qualities of your acoustic guitar
  • Increased corrosion resistance for a longer lasting uncoated string
  • Features D'Addario's exclusive high-carbon NY steel for unprecedented strength and tuning stability
  • Environmentally-friendly, corrosion-resistant packaging keeps strings fresh

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
mark macalik m.m. mark m.
D'addario nickel bronze xtra lite

Put the set on my acoustic guitar just last week and it made all the difference! The old strings were quiet and dull so when i replaced them the guitar sounded new and now it projects like a canon. These are excellent strings and with the sale, it was like a steal.

Zachary Largey Z.L. Zachary L.
Love these Nickel Bronzes from D'Addario

My usual go-to strings for my Martin D-18GE is the Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze's or the Martin Retros. Between the two, I prefer the retros, as they allow the woody sound of the GE's mahogany to shine through. Enter the D'Addario's NB's: now I get greater projection and slightly better clarity. I feel like the woody tone of remains, but I gain some balance. We'll see how long they last!

Luke Gard L.G. Luke G.
Good Strings, Great Company

Love these strings. Excellent phosphor bronze. I find that these last longer than most other phosphor bronze strings I have used (i.e. Martin strings). Warm, balanced tone.
Shoreline Music takes care of its customers - be sure to give them business!

joe Sanfilippo j.S. joe S.
Great string!

These work great on my all mahogany guitar. I like them better than the retros from another company. I havent tried on any other guitars at this point, but So far I am happy with them on my mahogany triple o. They seem to get better with age.. Overall great experience ordering from shoreline too and at the price they or offering on these - its a no brainer!

Brian Kohrman B.K. Brian K.
New Favorite Strings!

The Bluegrass Gauge Nickel Bronze strings are my new favorite. They have a smoother, less jangly sound than Phosphor Bronze, but they are still nice and loud. They are more powerful sounding and last longer than 80/20s. I've had mine on for 3 months with about an hour of play per day, and I will probably change them shortly, but for most of three months they sounded great! I love them on my HD-28.

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