D'Addario Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings 10-Pack

D'Addario Strings manufactures strings for just about every instrument imaginable, and they've been doing it for over eight generations. Their strings are used on more stages by more professional players than any other, and their packaging is slick—D'Addario uses environmentally friendly string pouches, and intuitive colored ball ends for figuring out which string goes where when you're restringing your guitar. I've been playing guitar for 30 years, and after trying many, many strings on several different guitars, I often find myself coming back to D'Addario strings for their ability to hold tone, pitch, and playability.

Introduced by D'Addario Strings in 1974, phosphor bronze has become synonymous with great, long lasting string tone, and has become the stage and studio choice of top professionals worldwide. This string sets the standard by which all other strings are judged.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Mike Duncan
The best and most consistently perfect string made.

These strings work on everything from my 00 parlor to my jumbo acoustic. I have literally used every string on the market and these are hands down the winner. I don't have "acidic" fingers that kill a set of strings in just a few minutes, so strings last as long as the coated ones, much better. Plus, buying them in bulk, saved a ton of money AND you get free stuff from the Players Circle. I have no reason to spread untruths. These are the best string made and I intend to use them until D'Addario makes a better alternative. I don't see that happening for a long time. Kudos D'Addario!

Paul Sweeney
D'Addario Phosphor Bronze -- Simply The Best

I've tried many different brands for the 20+ years I've been playing publicly and privately--Martin, Elixir, and many others now forgotten--always returning to the EJ16's for their brightness and longevity. You won't find any better place to buy them than Shoreline either--great customer service, integrity, and depth of knowledge--let alone honest pricing.

Guitar sarang
My favorite string ever

I am happy with this string.. thanks John and Shoreline music

Todd Hunt
Always fresh due to the packaging!

I've been using EJ16's for almost 20 years now - especially on my instruments that lean toward being warmer/darker in tone. The wound strings are very bright and articulate and help with clarity. The sealed packaging always keeps them fresh - and I'm extremely picky about that!

Excellent strings

I consider DAddario PBs to be my go-to strings. They are great sounding and long-lasting. Overall they are a safe bet to play well on any of my guitars. I prefer 80/20s on some of my guitars and I do enjoy other brands too, but these are very reliable. I keep plenty of these on hand. As always, John and the folks at Shoreline get 6 stars for service (yes I see there are only 5 available.)

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