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Elixir Nanoweb Acoustic Guitar Strings 3-Pack

Elixir Strings are brought to you by W.L. Gore and Associates, an innovator in PTFE polymer since 1958 (think Teflon). If you're a skier and a hiker like me, you've probably used Gore-Tex clothing for years. Now, they turn this expertise to making polymer coatings for their Elixir guitar strings, and the results are striking. You don't have to spend long in any guitar-related discussion before someone eventually begins praising the long-lasting tone of these popular strings. It's this long-lasting tone that has led many major guitar manufacturers to ship their guitars already strung with Elixir strings.

Customer Reviews

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Matt M. Matt
Pleasantly Surpised

I recently picked up a 3 pack of Elixir Light Nanoweb strings as a favor to my brother-in-law, who needed to borrow my guitar for a few weeks while his was in for repairs. I normally play uncoated strings, but his body chemistry literally killed them in one day! So I went online to Shoreline and ordered a 3 pack (one for my guitar now, and two for him later!), and a few regular sets of other strings. I haven't used Elixirs in quite a few years, and I also have only been using medium gauge strings on my D18, so my plan was to let him use it for a few weeks, rip off the Elixirs and get back to business as usual. Boy, was I shocked at how good my D18 sounded and played with these on it! The highs were clear, the mids loud, and the lows full! And the "new string zing" that I love so much (but had always felt that Elixirs lacked) was there, too! Not to mention how great the light gauge felt to my fingers! After 2 weeks, I still have them on, and I'm really happy with the results. Perhaps it was more my guitar opening up over time, or maybe my own ears changing, but I don't think this will be the last time I put these on my D18!

Also, more to the quality and longevity of Elixirs, as I mentioned, my brother-in-law can kill uncoated strings in record time, but these Elixirs sound, feel, and play just as good 2+ weeks in as they did day one! Thanks John for a great price, great service, and great products!

Legacy Family Ministry L.F.M. Legacy Family M.
Never going back

Consistently good sound that lasts a LONG time. Not as good a sound as a fresh pair of John Pearse strings, or they'd get 5 stars!. But then, I'd have to change Pearse strings every 2-3 weeks, and the sound would decline even before that. These Elixirs last for months! They're durable too. Haven't broken a string in several years. Give 'em a shot. As for Shoreline Music, they get 5 stars for sure. Our favorite musical supplies dealer, hands down.

Stefani Savage S.S. Stefani S.
Elixir Strings

These have to be the best acoustic guitar strings around ! Even better they are priced better than anyone at Shoreline Music. Thanks guys!! We play over 250 gigs a year as STEFnROCK here in Las Vegas so we needed these strings from Shoreline and will continue using them for our needs.

chris canode c.c. chris c.
Elixir Strings

I bought the three pack of 80/20 nanoweb strings for my anderson crowdster and couldn't be happier! They sound great and at a great price and they arrived in three days!Shoreline rocks!! Tell your fellow musicians!

Great Strings, Great Price

The 80/20 Bronze strings give me the bright sound I like, the Nanoweb coating makes them hold that sound longer than other strings I have used. Shoreline has the best prices and the fastest service on the internet. I got my strings in three days!! Note that the three pack is not three singles bundled together, so you'll need some tape or a rubber band to keep a single set in your guitar case

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