Fire-Eye Dee-Eye

The original Fire-Eye preamp was the Red-Eye, so named for its big red boost button. But what if you wanted to make a simpler version of the Red-Eye preamp, preserving all its great DI features, without the boost and extra preamp features? Well, what you'd be left with is a world-class DI.

But what to name it, since all your other products end in "eye"? Ah, yes:  The "Dee-Eye". Because it's a DI. Now, whenever anyone says, "You should get a DI", it will sound like they're saying, "You should get a Dee-Eye." Daren, using a simple trademarked name, has just made everyone recommending a DI sound like they're recommending his product. Genius.

Oh, and the Dee-Eye is awesome, too.

Customer Reviews

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ian mitchell
I'm getting more

Previously, on John's recommendation, I'd put a DTAR Wavelength into a Seagull S6+ Original and was using a well respected DI with it, through a PA.
I'd spent some time tweaking EQ with that setup to get the best sound I could from it, as you do.

When I swapped that DI out for the DeeEye, I could hear there was a difference.
So I spent some time tweaking EQ for it and now I've got a better, (more natural) sound from the guitar.
Very happy.
So I'm getting more.
(Thanks the the good advice John.)

Outstanding sound paired with K&K pure mini

Purchased for use with K&K pure mini equipped Taylor 526. The Fire Eye brings something special to my tone, unlike any of my other acoustic pre-amp/DI gear. Couldn't be happier with the purchase. Plus, the fine folks at Shoreline are a pleasure to work with. They are now my "first stop" for any guitar-related purchases...

Albert "Sid" Hagan
Absolute Best For The Money

I now own 3 of these as the other 2 I play with both have some guitars that require good pre-amps in performance. I loop a BBE Sonic Stomp pedal through mine and all 12 of my acoustics are equipped with K&K Pure Minis. There just isn't another transparent pre-amp like the Dee-Eye at that price point. Can't go wrong with it! I also record with my rig and my guitars always sound great!

Steven Hamil
Fire-Eye Dee Eye

I had already bought a Red Eye liked it so much I bought a Dee Eye as an extra DI box for my PA. I recently bought a "74 Guild 12-string that I installed a K&K Double Helix sound hole pickup in it sounds GREAT through the Dee Eye. My Martin sounds a little boomy on the bass end through it but the 12 sounds great. Once again quick service and fast shipping from Shoreline. Love their service!!

Ivan Appelrouth
Fire-Eye Dee-Eye

Great little DI that works great with my K&K Pure Mini. My Mackie PPM1008 has two dedicated preamp channels for plugging in an acoustic guitar or anything utilizing a passive pickup, like the K&K. However, I did my first gig with this rig this weekend and noticed a considrable difference and improvement using the Dee-Eye and running it into one of the standard channels on the Mackie. It required a lot less knob twisting to dial up a sound.

And then there's the Shoreline Aim To Please service policy of getting orders out in a flash....Thanks Shoreline!

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