Fire-Eye Red-Eye

The Red-Eye you see here is Fire-Eye's basic, single-channel model. Like the Baggs PADI or Radial PZ Deluxe, it functions as both a preamp and DI. Unlike those other models, the Red-Eye has virtually no knobs to fiddle with, no real EQ to speak of. But here's the beauty of this design: Fire-Eye's gear is built to make your instrument sound great without all the knobs and adjustments. With flat response and high headroom, the Red-Eye gets you one step closer to "my instrument, only louder". Throw in a boost switch for the occasional solo, and you have one truly high-performance preamp. I recommend it without reservation.

Customer Reviews

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Brian O'Morrow
High-end tone

I’m really impressed. Played my 97 Taylor with Baggs IMix & M80 through countless DIs and preamps, including an Avalon U5 (amazing but not compact by any stretch). For live, this will be it for me for a long time, I’m completely happy with the Red-Eye. Top quality tone and build, 5 stars. Worth every penny.

Scott MacKie
Spot on service, spot on product

As usual, John is the best when it comes to information without spin and all around customer engagement and service. The Red Eye itself is simple, clean, takes 48v phantom power from a board or a 9 volt, and tames the occasionally hot passive pickup's beautifully. The boost button is very handy, and the treble helps with any stage induced bottom heaviness or old string dullness. Daren at Fire Eye is also extremely patient with noobs and was very helpful in understanding the "why" behind impedance, XLR vs 1/4, how to best connect to a small pedal chain, etc. Would be nice to have a mute button and an AC jack, but as Daren says, it either get's bigger or something else goes away. I guess I'll give the sound guy the cut sign, or walk to my amp and hit the mute button. And have a spare nine volt.

Gary Passer
Easy to use. Natural acoustic sound.

I'd been eyeing a K&K Mini pickup for some time, after buying a Larrivee from Shoreline. Shoreline's write-up for the K&K was encouraging the use of a Red Eye to bolster the pickup's sound, and my own ignorance of these matters led me to follow this advice. Boy, am I glad I did! The pickup is great, but the sound is subdued, muffled even, when used without a preamp. However, when I plugged into this Red Eye, what a difference. It sounded just like my Larrivee (high praise) only amplified. The natural sound and clarity came through crystal clear - and that with a mediocre amp. Frankly, it produces better sound quality than I ever expected, and I am playing with the sound on far more than I'd anticipated. I'm giving it all the stars!

nathan smith
Pure Tone. Simple to use. Battery only.

I use the Red Eye with a LR Baggs M1A soundhole pickup. Previously I used a DI with low, mid, and high adjustable EQ, but still couldn't get a sound I liked. The Red Eye with only it's treble knob gives me a much truer sound. I also play lead as well as rhythm, and the adjustable boost gives me plenty of extra volume with room to spare. The only reason i am giving it 4 stars is because it is powered by 9 volt battery only. No option to use AC power without altering the unit. Except that it is a great sounding and easy to use unit.

Please note: The Red Eye defaults to phantom power in the absence of a battery, so AC power is not technically necessary.

Awesome pedal

Great for my acoustic guitar. Sound perfect.

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