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Fire-Eye Red-Eye

The Red-Eye you see here is Fire-Eye's basic, single-channel model. Like the Baggs PADI  or Radial PZ Deluxe , it functions as both a preamp and DI. Unlike those other models, the Red-Eye has virtually no knobs to fiddle with, no real EQ to speak of. But here's the beauty of this design: Fire-Eye's gear is built to make your instrument sound great  without  all the knobs and adjustments. With flat response and high headroom, the Red-Eye gets you one step closer to "my instrument, only louder". Throw in a boost switch for the occasional solo, and you have one truly high-performance preamp. I recommend it without reservation.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Muntz D.M. Daniel M.
Best Purchase Yet

A friend recommended getting this pedal to add to my acoustic guitar pedal board and I'm glad I did. The richness/fullness this pedal gives my Larrivee is incredible and I'm glad I got it at the price I did.

Keith Reynolds K.R. Keith R.

This preamp is very easy to use - pretty much plug and play - but the sound is very satisfying. It adds a richness to the tone. I use the boost to switch between strumming and finger picking. Excellent quality for a very reasonable price. As always, Shoreline customer service is second to none.

Donald Reilly D.R. Donald R.
Red Eye is a Good One

Just played a gig last night with my new Red Eye single.Very impressed with airy smooth sound. I am using K&K mini and DTAR wavelength in my Seagull Dread and mini jumbo through a Bose L1. Will enhance both pickups with hassle free adjustments. So simple its scary. The circuit is high quality. You will not miss your bass & mid knobs because you do not need them ! A little treble for sparkle and your ready to go. Nice boost feature for finger picking. Been gigging for 20 years and have used them all, this is a keeper!

Tom T. Tom
Fire eye

Great acoustic pre-amp! Transparent, let's your guitar shine. Plug and play, only 2 knobs. .yay J45 kk to fire eye to mixer and done. Oh yea, small footprint.

Ed-in-Ohio E. Ed-in-Ohio
Excellent Easy to Use Preamp. Outstanding for Passive Systems.

This is a great, simple to use, ruggedly constructed preamp!

It is basically plug and play (with minimal adjustment knobs), and it provides a wonderful, clean amplification of what your instrument's pickup gives it. This pickup works best with passive systems, as it is quite "hot". I have used it with both K&K Pure Minis and with a passive soundhole pickups. When coupled with these pickup systems, the results were the best amplified tone I have ever gotten with those guitars. The treble control works very well for balancing the EQ of passive systems that tend to be bottom heavy (quite common).

Excellent performance and rugged construction - This is unquestionably a Pro piece of gear.

Bottom line: If you own a K&K or a passive soundhole pickup, get this!

The only thing lacking here is a gain control. A gain control would give one the ability to lower the "heat", thereby making the Red-Eye a little easier to use with hotter, active systems.

Highly recommended and a "must have" for passive systems.

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