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Fire-Eye Red-Eye Twin

The Red-Eye Twin does the basic Fire-Eye Red-Eye preamp one better:  It adds a second channel. This means that if you have both a mandolin and a guitar onstage that you want plugged into the great features of a Fire-Eye, you can just use this single box, and save yourself a bit of money.

Now, while the Twin works great as an easy onstage instrument switcher, one hidden feature of this preamp is that it can also be used as a blending preamp. With the DTAR Solstice on indefinite hold as Seymour Duncan redesigns it, this may be your best bet for a dual source / blending preamp and DI.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing so far

Only had for a couple weeks now but amazing the difference in sound quality with my a/e guitar and electric banjo!

Used with pure mini & blackstack

I'm not a fan of under saddle piezos so I mix a k&k pure mini and fishman blackstack mag. I have a shelf of preamps including dtar solstice, radial pre-z, and k&k dual preamp. The pure mini pickup really does sound best with a 1M input impedence, which only the K&K dual and Red Eye have. The Red Eye sounds best, plus has the convenience of being powered by 48v phantom, has a boost switch, and the a/b switch acts as a mute when using A&B mode. Well worth my investment.

Upgraded from single Red-Eye

I am an avid red-eye user but found at the jams I attend it was a hassle when switching instruments and having to mess with the tone and gain whenever I switched over. Now I just bought a bouzouki as well so would be doing even more switching of instruments. Now with the red-eye twin I can get two instruments plugged in to the same box, set the tone and gain for each, and with the flick of a switch in seconds go from one instrument to the other. An added bonus is that with the red-eye twin I can adjust the volume too without going to the board to do it and I canf also mute at the box too instead of going to the board. So same great red-eye acoustic sound but now with more capabilities

Great DI/Preamp

I have a Fire Eye Red Eye, and have been very happy with it. I've found myself swapping between guitars more on stage lately, and wanted something a little more flexible than having to swap cables between guitars. The Fire-Eye Twin fits the bill wonderfully - same great sound and ease of use as the original Fire-Eye, but with a greater range of use. You can easily swap between guitars, or blend two guitars, and it's easy to set up and equate the volume of different instruments that you might use. A great solution for multi-instrumentalists who want great sound that's easy to deal in. This one's a no-brainer, folks!

Great product

I'm using the Fire-Eye Red-Eye Twin to blend two sources - a K&K pure mini and a Sunrise soundhole pick-up in a small-bodied Martin. There's not much in the documentation about blending two sources, but the Twin does the job beautifully and simply. It's light, well-built, uncomplicated and very effective. Shoreline did their usual great job on delivery. I'm a happy customer and another fan of Fire-Eye.

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