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G7th Performance Capo 2

I remember when the G7th capo first found its way to our shores from the UK. As I do with most gear fads, I withheld judgement until I had a chance to use it onstage. Nowadays, the G7th is the only capo I'll take onstage with me anymore. It really is that good. I find that on a Crowdster, the Shubb S-1 is a better fit, but for all other guitars, including my workhorse Renaissance RS6, the G7th rules.

The G7th capo is the only one I've ever used that offers true one-hand operation, in both the tension adjustment and application/removal. To attach it to the fretboard, you just squeeze until the tension is appropriate, and let go. To remove it, you just pop the little switch on the bottom, and it's off (and the newer geometry of this capo means it can go on your headstock, unlike the original G7th). Yes, it's a bit on the expensive side, but once you master its usage, you'll never go back.

Customer Reviews

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David Harrell D.H. David H.
Love this capo!

This capo is so easy to use. A good squeeze and it's firmly in place - no adjustments necessary. It fits well all the way up the neck and is easy to move. It stores easily on the music stand with just a squeeze. As always, the customer service at Shoreline is unsurpassed!

Luke Gard L.G. Luke G.
Excellent Capo

Love this capo! Easy to move quickly up and down the neck. Works great with my Martin and Fender Strat.

Richard Bishop R.B. Richard B.
Cool, without the neck growth!!

I'm still relatively new to the guitar & it's toys, but the only capo I have used in the past works fine, but looks like a growing projectile sticking out of the guitar neck. The G7th Performance 2 is really a cool addition to my bag. It works beautifully & looks as if it was made for the guitar. Yes, it requires a bit of squeezing to reach the proper pressure point, but when in place, it works & sounds great, without the ugly thing sticking up off the neck. I love it.

Steve Barker S.B. Steve B.
A great capo gets better

Like others here I have had an original G7th Capo since the first time I saw one. It was instantly my go-to favorite capo. The ease of use was a nice bonus but the real attraction that had me reaching for it every time was sound quality. The guitar's intonation and resonance remained pitch perfect. Nothing more annoying than being just a tiny bit out of tune with the other players or a funky sounding D shape chord when you capo up. The new G7th Performance Capo 2 is a refinement that drops weight and size slightly and allows the capo to take a break on the headstock. The pressure adjustment is infinitely variable and intuitive. You just squeeze the G7 on the neck until it feels about right and it is. One string still muted... just squeeze a little more. I think that's the key to the great sound across a broad range of guitars.

Matthew Anderson M.A. Matthew A.
Love this Capo

I've tried at least 5 of the well known brand capos and never found one that I was satisfied with until purchasing this one. I love this capo. So easy to use and performs every time. I especially like that it is compact and doesn't take up much room when not in use.

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