John Pearse 12-String Acoustic Guitar Strings

John Pearse Phosphor Bronze is our best-selling string. The tone is meaty, articulate, and lively, and in my experience (your mileage may vary, of course), they last longer than any other uncoated strings I've ever used. This is why I use these PBs on my own guitars more than any other string. 

Customer Reviews

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Seth Tiven
Great strings, great price, great service.

The title says it all.

William Stellwagen
confident consumer!

I have been using John Pearse phosphor bronze wound strings for awhile now on my mid-range Alvarez 6 string with fantastic results. I've not yet installed the 12 string set on the Guild that they were bought for, but I'm super confident they will enhance the sound tremendously.

John B
John Pearse 6 & 12 String

Very simply, John Pearse strings have been the best strings for all my guitars for over 15 years. I've tried many other brands, some that came with new guitars or from the repair shop, but none have matched the tone and durability. In my pre-JP days, the high G on my 12-string would often break, despite checking every other possible cause. But since changing to JP, I've never broken a string. Even as the strings get old, the tone remains good. The only hint I get that it's time to change them is when harmonics start to get tough hit. Then when I put new strings on - POW - the renewed tone and volume always knocks me over like getting a new instrument. I couldn't be happier - and getting them at a great price from Shoreline Acoustic makes the choice a no-brainer.

Philip Morris
John Pearse 12 String

I've become a recent convert from Elixir PB lights to John Pearse PB New Mediums. So I decided to try the 12-string version. I was not disappointed. There is so more "woody" acoustic sound with only a little bit of string noise. I love what John Pearse has done with their strings. While I MAY have to change them a tad more frequently, getting them for less than half Elixir's price makes that a very easy trade-off.

Rick Berry
This is my string of choice.

I am 47. Been playing music since mom made me take piano lessons when I was 8. The John Pearse phosphor bronze strings are all I use on my guitars any more. I only discovered them in recent years, and i thank Shoreline for being there and making it easy. They sound and feel great. I look forward to visiting the shop someday. Thank you.

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