John Pearse 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

John Pearse 80/20 bronze strings bring a welcome change from our bestselling phosphor bronze JPs. They tend to be brighter and crisper, whereas the phosphor bronze tend to be meatier.  

My favorite gauge, by the way, is the New Medium. Stringmakers have been producing Custom Light and Slightly Light strings for years, since folks often like a string a bit lighter than true Lights, but not quite as loose and slinky as Extra Lights. Well, John Pearse's New Medium gauge fills that same gap on the heavier side of things. New Mediums are just a bit heavier than Lights, but not quite as heavy as true Mediums. It's worth tossing in a set with your next JP order—if you're like me, you may find yourself restringing all your guitars with New Mediums.

Customer Reviews

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Great strings

We've all heard that "tone is in the fingers". Well since I don't have those types of fingers I rely on these strings instead and I'm very happy with my tone :) John, thank you for suggesting these string!

Love these strings!

Beautiful sound, great price and good service. I’m very happy

Faves for my dread!

These are my favorite strings for my rosewood dreadnought. They add a lot of clarity in the low end. I find some PB strings can be a little muddy with rosewood, these are just the ticket. Shoreline has great products at great prices supported by great service. Couldn't ask for anything more!

Great Strings!

For so many years I've just used and liked D'Addario strings, and then tried others with mixed results. Elixers for example just don't seem to last for me so with their cost they're definitely out. The John Pearse just seem to have a liveliness to them them that other strings can't match. They come in some interesting varieties of thicknesses that go well with short scale necks, travel guitars and such. They seem to stay in tune well and last as long as any string I've tried. Do yourself a favor and try a set!

Good service

Great service and good product.

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