John Pearse 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

John Pearse 80/20 bronze strings bring a welcome change from our bestselling phosphor bronze JPs. They tend to be brighter and crisper, whereas the phosphor bronze tend to be meatier.  

My favorite gauge, by the way, is the New Medium. Stringmakers have been producing Custom Light and Slightly Light strings for years, since folks often like a string a bit lighter than true Lights, but not quite as loose and slinky as Extra Lights. Well, John Pearse's New Medium gauge fills that same gap on the heavier side of things. New Mediums are just a bit heavier than Lights, but not quite as heavy as true Mediums. It's worth tossing in a set with your next JP order—if you're like me, you may find yourself restringing all your guitars with New Mediums.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Jane Ford
John Pearce strings

John Pearce strings are a little brighter than what I usually play and probably won't replace my favored brand, but they're still excellent with great string life and a bright sound lots of people will love. I'm spoiled to my brand, what can I say? I still recognize a good string when I play and hear it, and I would definitely recommend them to others (in fact, I already have).
Shoreline Music gave me an excellent price on the guitar strings I wanted to try, and their price and service were A+!

Matthew Reynolds
Great deal!

Great deal on four packs of very good acoustic guitar strings. Thanks

Jim Olsen
Love these strings

Crisp, clear sound. Very durable, last a long time.

Olen Ellis
Good Value

I've purchased many sets of John Pearse phosphor bronze strings from Shoreline over the years, mainly the 92/8 variety. I thought I'd try these 80-20's. They really give a pop to my old Alvarez, making it sound more like a fifteen hundred dollar guitar than a $400 one. I haven't yet tried them on my Lakewood or Martin, but they were a good buy as far as I can tell. Thanks again to John and the team at Shoreline - great service as usual.

Steven in D.C.
Variety, consistency, longevity

I have appreciated the wide range of gauges; I'm a big fan right now of the Bluegrass (12-56) set. These are predictably good strings each and every time. No string will last forever, but I've gotten good staying power from the John Pearse that I've used over the years.

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