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John Pearse 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

John Pearse 80/20 bronze strings bring a welcome change from our bestselling phosphor bronze JPs. They tend to be brighter and crisper, whereas the phosphor bronze tend to be meatier.  

My favorite gauge, by the way, is the New Medium. Stringmakers have been producing Custom Light and Slightly Light strings for years, since folks often like a string a bit lighter than true Lights, but not quite as loose and slinky as Extra Lights. Well, John Pearse's New Medium gauge fills that same gap on the heavier side of things. New Mediums are just a bit heavier than Lights, but not quite as heavy as true Mediums. It's worth tossing in a set with your next JP order—if you're like me, you may find yourself restringing all your guitars with New Mediums.

Customer Reviews

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Quinn Fitzpatrick Q.F. Quinn F.
Shoreline Music is my go-to source for all things guitar

I am a professional guitar player and instructor and the service and prices at Shoreline cannot be beat! I send all my students here. I support mom and pop stores and this is your online equivalent. Thanks, John for your stellar customer service! I use a variety of strings depending on my guitar and John Pearse is a great brand that you can count on.

Gordon Sprigg G.S. Gordon S.
My Old Standby

Have used JP strings for many years. Tried others but these work best for me.

B. Wilson B.W. B. W.
Long time JP phosphor bronze user

Just strung up my Santa Cruz OMG with these JP 80/20 new mediums. I was looking for a bit more clarity when thumbing the bass strings. What a surprise, These strings are perfectly matched to this guitar. They're not overly bright... in fact are surprisingly warm right out of the pack and get warmer with play and they do provide that extra touch of clarity I was looking for. Have not had a set of strings sound bad on this guitar and up to this point the JP phosphor bronze have been the best of the bunch but these 80/20's are my new favorites.
And Shoreline...A+ service

Zachary Largey Z.L. Zachary L.
Pearse is a can't miss

I always love JPs. Great tone, long-lasting, good feel. And the price from Shoreline can't be beat.

Woody Adams W.A. Woody A.
Crisp, clear, good feel on fingers, great tone right out of the pack!

Recently I bought several types of John Pearse strings, all light gauge, .12-.53. I have a 2008 Santa Cruz D/PWM, which has an overwhelming bottom end. As I play on a worship team Saturday nights, I need the dread to cut thru the mix. Though I do like the edgy bite of phosphor bronze, the 80/20s are brighter and thus easier to hear what I am doing in the mix. Great clarity and feel in the basic 80/20 alloy that JP uses. I like that they are made in the USA too, unlike most of the Martin strings these days. I do often use D'Addario 80/20s as they are just a great standard bronze string, but the JPs just sound and feel better. I do not know what is different about John Pearse strings than all others, but it is pretty obvious upon first strum. I hear they last longer too, so looking forward to not having to change strings again for a month :).

If you are looking for a string to wake up your old dreadnought, give the JP 80/20s a try. After my recent JP trials on my Santa Cruz, I can now see why Shoreline embraces this string manufacturer over any other. Tip: If you are experiencing finger pad soreness as you get older (like me), give the JP PB/Silk strings a try from Shoreline. Amazingly easy and great sounding strings. If I didn't need the brightness right now, I would just go with those.

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