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John Pearse Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

John Pearse Phosphor Bronze is our best-selling string. The tone is meaty, articulate, and lively, and in my experience (your mileage may vary, of course), they last longer than any other uncoated strings I've ever used. This is why I use these PBs on my own guitars more than any other string. 

My favorite gauge, by the way, is the New Medium. Stringmakers have been producing Custom Light and Slightly Light strings for years, since folks often like a string a bit lighter than true Lights, but not quite as loose and slinky as Extra Lights. Well, John Pearse's New Medium gauge fills that same gap on the heavier side of things. New Mediums are just a bit heavier than Lights, but not quite as heavy as true Mediums. It's worth tossing in a set with your next JP order—if you're like me, you may find yourself restringing all your guitars with New Mediums.

Customer Reviews

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Eric Fink E.F. Eric F.
Great strings, great price

These have been my favorite strings fir many years. Great sound and playability. Shoreline's price and service are the best I've found.

George Erickson G.E. George E.
good buy

Nice bright sound and great price, will buy again when I need new strings.

Robert Myers R.M. Robert M.
John Pearse Phosphor Bronze Light

I've tried several brands of strings on my McIlroy over the last year. I just recently tried these JPs and love the sound so much that I've also put these on my other two guitars.

Donald Lundy D.L. Donald L.
Slightly Light Review

I have used other brands of extra light for 20 years. A friend suggested I try the John Pierce Sligtly Light and I am on my second set. Fabulous sound and tone. I will use nothing else in the future !! Thanks Shoreline.

Michael Carballo M.C. Michael C.
JP Strings

I've been buying These Strings from Shoreline for several years. They consistently sound great and doing business with shoreline has always been a good experience.

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