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K&K Mandolin Twin Fusion

The Mandolin Twin Fusion is a twin-head, retrofit mandolin transducer system that does not require any permanent alteration to your valuable instrument. The pickups attach to the inside of the mandolin with peel-and-stick tape, while the carpenter jack remains on the outside of the instrument. It provides the exact same sound quality as the Mandolin Twin Internal because the pickups are mounted in the same positions.

The Mandolin Twin Fusion can easily be installed by the musician. A comprehensive step-by-step photo manual descibes the mounting procedure in detail (you can download this instruction manual at the bottom of this page). Special installation tools are provided.

The Mandolin Twin Fusion reproduces the destinctive sound of your mandolin in a very natural "breathing" quality and it is highly feedback resistant. Due to the internal mounted pickups, the Mandolin Twin Internal delivers even better sound than our previous model, the Mandolin Twin.

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