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K&K Pure 12-String

If we were to judge the caliber of acoustic guitar pickups simply by customer response, then the K&K Pure Mini would be the hands-down winner. Our customers simply love this pickup, often coming back to order 3 or 4 more after installing one for the first time. Like the B-Band AST and the PUTW #27, the K&K Pure pickup secures to the underside of your bridgeplate, inside the guitar. Although it's officially a passive pickup, it generates a high output, using 3 pickup heads (4 for the Pure Classic), to capture the warmth of your guitar with remarkable accuracy. These pickups are designed to be super-glued to the soundboard, but K&K also ships them with adhesive nylon strips, so you can experiment with placement first, if you so choose. 

The Pure 12-String listed here actually used to be K&K's primary pickup, for a while referred to as the K&K Pure Western Standard. But K&K found that the slightly smaller pickup heads of the Pure Mini resulted in much better string-to-string balance in regular 6-string guitars, so the Pure Mini became the dominant pickup. The larger pickup heads in the Pure 12-String produce a slightly hotter, slightly boomier signal, which is a perfect fit for the jangle of most 12-string guitars.

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