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K&K Pure Mini

The K&K Pure Mini is our best selling pickup, by quite a significant margin. Why? Simply put, it just sounds great. It’s easy to make it sound good on a variety of guitars, and installation is relatively painless—in fact, most of our customers do the installation themselves. Soundboard pickups always come with the usual caveats about feedback on loud stages, but if that’s not an issue for you, then you really can’t do much better than the Pure Mini for good acoustic pickup tone that captures the warmth and character of your guitar.

One question we're commonly asked is whether this pickup needs a preamp. Technically, no—if you're plugging directly into an amp like The Bud or an  AER Compact 60/3, that amp will have a preamp that should function OK. But the simple fact is that the K&K Pure Mini benefits greatly from a good preamp. Your options are legion, but our two most popular are the Fire-Eye Red-Eye (for full DI+preamp setup), and K&K's belt clip preamp, the Pure Preamp (more affordable, but lacks a DI).

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