K&K Pure Mini

The K&K Pure Mini is our best selling pickup, by quite a significant margin. Why? Simply put, it just sounds great. It’s easy to make it sound good on a variety of guitars, and installation is relatively painless—in fact, most of our customers do the installation themselves. Soundboard pickups always come with the usual caveats about feedback on loud stages, but if that’s not an issue for you, then you really can’t do much better than the Pure Mini for good acoustic pickup tone that captures the warmth and character of your guitar.

One question we're commonly asked is whether this pickup needs a preamp. Technically, no—if you're plugging directly into an amp like The Bud or an AER Compact 60/3, that amp will have a preamp that should function OK. But the simple fact is that the K&K Pure Mini benefits greatly from a good preamp. Your options are legion, but our two most popular are the Fire-Eye Red-Eye (for full DI+preamp setup), and K&K's belt clip preamp, the Pure Preamp (more affordable, but lacks a DI).

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Andy Thrall
Very Happy

I think the sound of the K and K Pure Mini is significantly more natural than the under saddle pickups I have in other guitars.. I really like the way it is installed compared to the under saddle design. I'm playing without a preamp into a Fishman LoudBox amp and there is plenty of signal. The pickups seem a little more sensitive to my hand hitting the bridge and top when I'm playing more roughly, but not to the point of being a problem. I have already bought a second K and K to go into another acoustic guitar. These seem to me to be a superior pickup system, and although I will likely try a preamp at some point, I'm plenty happy with it as is.

Svea Norton
Practical and Sounds Great

I feel the K&K Pure Mini is an easy choice. There are lots of new pickups on the market, but I don't think they have surpassed what the K&K does. I have them installed in several instruments, including an octave mandolin. They all work well with or without a preamp. Sometimes it's just easier to plug straight into the board at an open mic and avoid the fuss. People all comment on how good my guitar sounds.

Mark Warren
A great product.

I read about the K&K line of products when researching a guitar model. I was intrigued by the simplicity of this system and liked the design so I gave them a go. I will say I have been exceedingly happy with the results. Easy to install and the sound I get coupled with the XLR pre is remarkable. I'm currently running these through a Fender Mustang II which offers a very clean sound and a lot of flexibility. I like them so much that I have purchased another set of pickups for an additional guitar.
I highly recommend this system. In addition, Shoreline has been outstanding to work with and they will be my 'go to' vendor in the future.

Natural acoustic tone

Finally the natural acoustic sound I've been looking for! Installation was relatively straightforward in my Taylor 526. Couldn't be happier! Many thanks to the fine folks at Shoreline for excellent service and fast shipping.

Scott MacKie
Good and simple pickup

Tough to beat value simplicity and sound bundle. It is "hot" as some have commented (this directly into a Loudbox) and requires some tweaking. Once that's done it's fire and forget for up to medium volume venues. Little if any quack. Had them in a J45 and the CEO -7. Both sounded natural with minimal if any quack or mud. Per John's suggestion I'm going to get a Red Eye to smooth it out a bit.

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