K&K Pure Preamp

This is a beltclip preamp specifically designed for use with passive Pure pickups. While it doesn't have the robust feature set of the Pure XLR, its low cost and matching impedance make this a great choice for use with any of the Pure pickups that don't already have onboard preamps.

  • Adjustable input gain and output volume
  • 3-band EQ with wide mid band
  • ~180 hours battery life

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joe Lindzius
Shoreline friendly

The K & K pickup is a fine way to amplify and keep the integrity of acoustic-ness of an instrument. It works well straight into a Fishman Mini Loudbox. I later bought the compact K & K preamp to accommodate situations where more gain is necessary. And thanks to Shoreline for the "nice touch" discount on the preamp purchase, much appreciated. Good service from good folks.

Brian Johnson
Great Uke preamp

Compliments the Aloha pickup for Ukuleles.

Stan Davis
This is a great preamp!

Sturdy, matches perfectly with k and k pickups, great range of eq, long battery life.

Greg Chaney
Just the right control..

I have K&K pickups on both an acoustic guitar and, now, a mandolin...this preamp gives me the control I need to manage the output without having to run back to the amp. Flat, it doesn't seem to add any additional color to the sound...nice complement to the pickups

Ronald Spear
k&k preamp

Great ..Enjoy having the preamp, (on the belt), and not attached to the guitar.. K&K beats the competition and it,s the only pickup I,ve been happy with...John his people are super to do business with!!..

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