K&K Quantum Trinity Mini

The Quantum Trinity System consists of:

• The award-winning Pure pickup.
• The Trinity Microphone with integrated 5" gooseneck and 20-20.000 Hz frequency range.
• The Quantum Blender Preamp, specially designed with the Trinity System in mind. It has two fully independent channels feature special tailored powerful 3-band EQ, phase reverse switches, gain and volume controls. Mixed output options in both active-balanced and 1/4" line-level format, individual outputs, stereo and mono inputs, and effect loop. Channel one is switchable from mic to pickup impedance. All this, plus K&K's ultra low noise circuitry.
• Stereo endpin jack and a 6-foot stereo cable

The Quantum Trinity System is K&K's top-of-the-line, versatile pickup/mic combination with blender preamp. It was designed for the acoustic guitar, but it can be fitted to many different instruments. The mic can be mounted in a number of positions, including elevated ones, due to its integrated 5" gooseneck. It comes with a special self adhesive gooseneck mounting hardware (as shown in diagram above). The Quantum Blender allows for mixing a piezo transducer with a microphone, magnetic pickup or another piezo pickup. It can be used with any "2 wire" powered lavalier type condenser mic or with a piezo or magnetic pickup. With an appropriate microphone impedance matching transformer a dynamic mic can be used as well. Channel 2 is designed with K&K's Trinity System or Pure Mini/Classic in mind, but it works well with all types of piezo transducers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tianlin Yang
perfect percussive weapon

this is my third time buying a kk system for my guitars. the sound signature of kk, in my opinion, is very crispy and warm (it is rare to see a combination like this). If you are a fun of Andy Mckee or any candyrat artists, you would definitely love the sound from this system. the pure pickup is one of the clearest transducer pickups i've ever used (and i've tried a dozen of them, literally). The sound is warm and rich, but it does not pick the percussion very well. The mic adds the 'crispy aspect' to the system, while picking up the percussion (if you are a percussive guitar player). feedback is somehow a drawback of the system, pointing your mic towards the side of your guitar could effectively reduced the fb.

Poltape Vongnak
K&K Quantum Trinity

My first K&K, impressive preamp, most natural sound pups for my 22 years old Taylor K-12. But you have to handle the feedback from internal-mic carefully. Very well service from Shorline ... thx again.

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