K&K Trinity Pro Mini

This system blends the K&K Pure pickup system with an internal gooseneck microphone, and is mixed externally by the included K&K belt-clip preamp. It's also available without the preamp (the "Solo") if you already have an outboard K&K blender, or you can order a Trinity Upgrade Kit if you already have the Pure pickup installed in your guitar and just need the mic and blender.

It's worth noting two things about this pickup: First, it has the potential to produce absolutely stunning tone. When you listen to some of the recordings linked to on our MP3 Page, you'll likely be blown away by what you hear. However, the combination of a microphone and a soundboard pickup is a recipe for feedback in louder stage situations. So I tend to recommend this pickup for either recording or use in smaller solo settings, perhaps acoustic duos. Not loud stages.

Customer Reviews

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Michael McNeil
K+K Trinity

Shoreline is great! Thank-you so much! For me the K+K Trinity sounds just what I wanted in an acoustic guitar pickup. It sounds spectacular in my D-18, very warm and full tonal range, not too bassy like some people say and most of all keeping with the natural guitar tone of my Martin and enhancing it to another level. For a solo player it's perfect.

There are some feedback issues with the mic, but this is to be expected, there are ways of minimizing and fine tuning, dialing in, where you stand, guitar proximity to the amp etc. The phase switch seemed to work for me, it seems you have to find that sweet spot of not to much bass, even lesser mids and the treble just the way you like it. Take your time with the install and do some tests on gluing a penny to a piece of wood like they say in the instructions. I found the glue to dry slower where it's thick and oozes out, so I gave it more time to set up before I moved on to the next transducer. Make sure you get gel super glue and kneed the tube before you apply otherwise you'll get the runny glue blues!

Chad Schott
K&K Trinity Pro is amazing!

I had a hard time deciding between the anthem and the trinity pro system but decided on the trinity! It sounds amazing! I’ve had the pure pickups in past guitars but this is the first trinity and it’s awesome! You still get your natural guitar sound but it is so huge and full, it adds so much depth! I play next to the anthem system in our leads guitar and I can honestly say I wouldn’t put anything but the trinity system in my guitars!

Craig Maglinger
K&K Trinity Pro - Great from the first strum

I have owned and played several acoustic guitars live over the years. I have had many different types of pickup systems including sound hole pickups, USTs, and an old barn door blender system. I was in the market for a dual source system in my new HD-28v, which has the long saddle, so I knew I needed to go with soundboard transducers. This system fit the bill perfectly.

I installed it myself to save cash. The install took a bit of time, but I have never worked with this type of system before and didn't want to cause any damage to the pickups, mic, cables, not to mention my guitar's finish! I imagine if I ever install one again, the installation time would be drastically shorter. To test it, I ran both sources at 12 o'clock and plugged in to my acoustic amp which runs into a large auditorium PA. It sounded like a dream come true. Since then, I have blended more microphone (pure mini - 12 o'clock, mic - 2 o'clock), because I like a bit more "air" in my mix, but there's honestly not a bad mix for me. Both sources sound good enough to stand on their own, but they sound like heaven when combined.

I lead worship in front of a full band on a large church stage (acoustic drums, piano, bass, electric guitar, four vocalists), with wedge monitors. I run my guitar through the monitor mix, and also through my acoustic amp next to me, and I have had exactly ZERO struggle with feedback. Not even the first hint--and I feel like I run it at a decent volume. That was one of my main concerns. Another concern was the possibility of having to tweak EQs on either source (I purchased the system with the "belt pack" preamp, with tiny little EQ pots), but I have not had to make a single adjustment. There has just been no need.

Bottom line: the K&K Trinity Pro sounds like my beloved HD-28v, only louder. Isn't that what we are all after?!

Pete S
K&K Trinity Pro

I have had a Fishman Acoustic Matrix Pickup installed in my Martin for the last 15 years until my local Luthier played me his K&K Trinity set up and I was blown away at the quality. I quickly ordered the set up from Shoreline who were fantastic to deal with and I could not be happier. The shipping time from the USA to New Zealand was fine and the service from Shoreline great. The difference is incredible. I will be buying another of these.

The Sound I was looking for!

After no-fuss installation I really enjoy what I hear. I wish the preamp was less bulky though. And probably would have bought K&K Trinity onboard version, there's not so much benefit of using the external preamp, at least for me. I will definitely recommend this system to anyone who's in search for authentic acoustic sound!

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