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K&K Trinity Solo Mini

K&K's Trinity system blends the K&K Pure pickup system with an internal gooseneck microphone. It's worth noting two things about this pickup: First, it has the potential to produce absolutely stunning tone. When you listen to some of the recordings available online, you'll likely be blown away by what you hear. However, the combination of a microphone and a soundboard pickup is a recipe for feedback in louder stage situations. So I tend to recommend this pickup for either recording or use in smaller solo settings, perhaps acoustic duos. Not loud stages.

The Trinity Solo listed here features the same internal guts as the regular Trinity system, but no external preamp. This is the system to get if you already have a K&K blending preamp such as the Trinity Preamp (as you'd get in a regular Trinity system) or Quantum Blender. It cannot be used with any other blending preamps.

Customer Reviews

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SImply the Best

I already use a K &K Trinity system on a English made Manson Magpie OM guitar. When I added a 2006 Collings OM1 to my collection, there was no doubt that the K & K would be the pickup system for it. Finally had it installed by a qualified luthier. Led worship yesterday at church, and the guitar sounded everything as good, only plugged in. The K & K amplified the true dynamics, timbre, acoustics of this great guitar. The notes were stunning, there were no discoloration, distortion, quackiness, just pure acoustic bliss. I would be buying another one of these for another Collings OM2 guitar I recently purchased. My signal chain is Guitar to K & K blending preamp ==>acoustic amp=>Radial JDI DI BOX =>> soundboard

k&k Trinity

Had the Trinity system installed in my Guild F50 by a local luthier. Could not be happier with the sound. I am running the guitar stereo cable into a DTAR Solstice then out to a pair of powered QSC K10 PA speakers, this is my basic setup. I am able to not only effectively blend the mic and soundboard signals with the DTAR but also eq both signals independently to really dial in the desired tone. I have found that the best blend setting is about 30% mic and 70% soundboard with almost all the low eq rolled completly off and mid and hi eq's set at flat. Proper QSR speaker placement is a must to avoid any feedback from the Trinity mic, just experiment with speaker location at home to get a feel for what works best for you. I also have a Pure Minii system (without the mic) in my Guild J30 12 string and will be installing the Trinity mic upgrade soon. I have tried a dual source Sunrise magnetic pickup with a Fishman UST piezo for the past 10 years and I would say that the Trinity has a dramatically improved natural sound.

Outstanding pickup system!

I've got K&K for a week and can't be more happier! Before that I had LR Baggs M80, it sounds great but it's somewhat bulky and changes the sound of the unplugged guitar so I had to remove every time I wanted to play unplugged - very annoying. K&K Trinity compared to M80 not only doesn't change the sound of my guitar, it sounds fantastic when plugged through an amp. Installation is pretty straightforward, I did it myself and that wasn't that hard. The microphone sound is a bit boomy and needs some minimal eq'ing. I haven't tried Trinity Pro Preamp yet, I ordered it separately and it's on its way now. But the sound I get now through an 2-input audio interface is really amazing! Thank you John.

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