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Kronbauer SBX

This little gem from Trevor Kronbauer is his Small Body design, designated "SBX" on the label. It features gorgeous looks and a cool soundport on the upper bout. But what sets this instrument apart is its tone:  It's rich and thick, with great ring and tremendous sustain. When we first got it in the shop I kept playing David Cullen's "On the Way" over and over again—there is just something about those meaty mids that really complements that song nicely. Of course, when you have a listen to Brian giving it a light strum in our video, you'll hear that in spite of its small size, this guitar is incredibly versatile.

  • Small body (OM-ish in size)
  • Cedar top over Rosewood back and sides
  • Soundport on the upper bout
  • Includes hardshell case
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